Duet Tablet / Cloud POS

Perfect for your table service or quick service establishment.

DUET is a tablet/cloud-based POS solution that offers top-of-the-line technology at an affordable monthly subscription price. DUET can be run either from the cloud or from your on-site back-office server...offering you the best of both worlds. This means that you can continue processing transactions even when the internet goes down!

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  • Alerts for upsell opportunities or order details Prompts for menu suggestions or cooking instructions.
  • Smart Management Tools Reports for tracking voids, deletions, sales performance and more
  • Better service with fewer errors Delivers the flexibility of being mobile to ensure accuracy, boosts efficiency and eliminate fraud.
  • Top-level security protection Is designed to protect your business--and your customers.
  • Real-time menu updates Keeps servers and customers informed of changes and availability.
  • Quickly trained staff Provides a quick-to-learn iPad POS solution that makes onboarding new employees simple and painless.
  • Streamlined order taking Accurate, instant communication between servers and bar or kitchen.
  • Faster payment options Speed transaction times with tableside processing or easy check splitting.
  • Robust reporting Provides insight into your business in real-time, saving you money through detailed labor, cost and sales reports. Access your restaurant data anytime, anyplace and across any device.